Facing the Possibility of Incapacity

Incapacity means that you are either mentally or physically unable to take care of yourself or your day-to-day affairs. Incapacity can result from serious physical injury, mental or physical illness, advancing age, and alcohol or drug abuse. Incapacity can strike anyone at anytime. Even with today's medical miracles, it's a real possibility that your [...]

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2018 Tax Reform: What You Can Expect

Federal tax laws significantly changed for 2018.    The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, passed and signed into law in December 2017, greatly alters key regulations within the Internal Revenue Code.   The IRS is still busy implementing changes, here’s what is certain:  most Americans will need to rethink their annual tax strategies. Here is a summary [...]

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Talking to Your Kids About Your Wealth

How can you convey its importance and its meaning? Provided by: MarketingPro Are you an owner of a thriving business or a medical or legal practice? Are you a highly paid executive? If you have children, at some point they may discern how wealthy you are – and in turn, learn how “rich” they are. [...]

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An Estate Plan or a Wealth Transfer Strategy?

Basic estate planning documents may not communicate your intentions. Provided by: Tony Rodriguez   There are three degrees of estate planning: advanced, basic, and none at all. Basic is better than none, but elementary estate planning can still leave something to be desired. While appropriate documents may be in place, they may not be able [...]

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How To ‘Freeze’ The Value Of A Business To Eliminate Estate And Gift Taxes

The ability to legally mitigate estate and gift taxes is very appealing to successful business owners. Provided by: The Wealth Advisor And, there are many ways they can accomplish this goal. According to Edward Renn, a leading tax expert and partner at Withers Bergman, “By using a specialized trust to effectively freeze the value of a [...]

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Trusts Must Be Funded Properly

Quite often a revocable living trust will fail because individuals do not understand the importance of changing ownership of assets to the trust. Provided by: The Wealth Advisor In most cases that means the unnecessary expense of a probate proceeding that could have been avoided. The New Jersey living trust is a revocable trust designed [...]

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Understanding Inherited IRAs

What beneficiaries need to know and consider Provided by:  Tony Rodriguez At first glance, the rules surrounding inherited IRAs are complex. Here are some questions (and potential answers) to consider if you have inherited one or may in the future.     Who was the original IRA owner? If the original owner was your spouse, you [...]

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Year-End Charitable Giving

What should you keep in mind as you donate? Provided by: Tony Rodriguez   Are you making charitable donations this holiday season? If so, you should know about some of the financial “fine print” involved, as the right moves could potentially bring more of a benefit to the charity and to you.   To deduct [...]

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