Financial Advisors

Traditionally, trust companies and financial advisors have had an uneasy relationship at best. When named as trustee, most trust companies would require full control over how the trust’s assets are managed and invested, effectively putting the financial advisor in the position of having to yield control of a portion or all of their clients’ assets.

With Advisors’ Trust Services, control over the assets – and the management fees generated–remains with the financial advisor, while Investors’ Security Trust administers the trust itself. In this situation, financial advisors can increase assets under management by offering trust services and build multi-generational relationships as assets pass on to heirs and beneficiaries. Clients remain with an advisor who is familiar with their history, dynamics, risk tolerances and financial plans, while we provide full-time dedicated trust specialists that can serve throughout the life of their trusts.

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By leveraging Advisors’ Trust Services, your client-advisor relationship benefits from the expertise of a local, independent trust company as you transfer the burden of trust & estate administration functions to us.


Advisor Client IST
  • Appointed as trust’s Investment Advisor
  • Manages assets based on trust’s investment guidelines and objectives
  • Has complete investment independence and discretion
  • Continues to serve as primary advisor for client relationship
  • Appoints Advisor as investment management fiduciary
  • Appoints IST as directed corporate trustee
  • Receives distributions specified by the trust
  • Receives statements and tax reporting information from trustee
  • Appointed as Corporate Trustee
  • Handles administration as outlined by trust
  • Makes distributions to beneficiaries
  • Reviews requests for distributions of principal
  • Keeps records and produces statements
  • Files trust’s tax returns