Attorney Assistance

Your Trusted Counsel. Our Trust Expertise.

Our goal is to complement the client-attorney relationship in estate settlements and by serving as a Corporate Trustee or Administrative Trustee in a Directed Trust.

If the attorney or a family member is serving as trustee, IST can serve as the agent. This is often a step taken to tap into the resources and experience of a Corporate Trustee while still maintaining fiduciary control. We can provide principal and interest accounting, bill paying and file returns, all at the trustee’s requests.  Our trust officers are responsive and empowered to make decisions without having to go through the corporate ranks found at larger financial institutions.

If your client has a long-standing relationship with a financial advisor, advising to involve a Corporate Trustee may be seen as “rocking the boat”. With new Directed Trust provisions in place, control over the assets remains with the financial advisor, while we administer the trust itself.

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If a client does not have an attorney, or if an attorney desires “of-counsel” assistance, IST can provide referrals to lawyers who are familiar with estate law, trust drafting and planning strategies.
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